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1921      The Isolit plant was established on September 11th 1921 as a bakelite molding shop for TELEGRAFIA which produced phones.
Privatization of the company by public competition. Today's plant Isolit-Bravo s. r.o. were founded.     1993
2012      Atrium were built and tool shop was extended, 3 mil. Kč
Extension of the moulding shop. Sunflower hall was built for molding machines up to 1.700 tons, 27 mil. Kč     2013
2014      Extension of the moulding shop. Zelinka hall was built to have space for plastic metalization, 7 mil. Kč
New and modern warehouse building.     2015
2016      Finishing with new warehous Late with modern technology for 12 thousand pallettes stocking, 100 mil. Kč